Bikini Skinx Bundle

Bikini Skinx Bundle

The Ultimate Pretty Kitty Bundle! 
This kit tackles exfoliation, hydration, and treatment with Skin Script RX Raspberry Refining Cleanser or Scruxb, Light Aloe Moisturizer, and TBRX Treasure Essence for ingrowns and lightening dark spots.
You also will receive an exfoliating glove!
Exfoliant Option

    Directions: Exfoliate with cleanser 2-3x a week by applying a dime size amount to your exfoliating glove. Apply in the direction of your hair growth on your mons pubis and bikini line, then rinse. DO NOT use near the vaginal opening! Pat dry. 

    Apply Moisturizer and Treasure Essence daily.

    Best used on CLEAN skin!


    Please allow 3-14 days for production and shipping!

    Disclaimer: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times may differ.



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